Product Information:

Packaging: (6) 2pk 750ml bottles w/pump
Shelf-life: 18 months

Peach Naturally Flavored Syrup

We wish we could bottle the easy feeling of lazy summer days, but we think the next best thing is bottling the flavor of mouth-watering, soft peaches. Enjoy the delicate aroma and flavor in peach smoothies and teas or mix up an ice cold Lookin’ Peachy Margarita or Bellini. The sweet tanginess of Eden Gourmet Peach syrup pairs well with our Almond, Hazelnut and Vanilla syrups if you want to mix it up a bit!

All of our Fun & Fruity syrups are made from pure cane sugar, filtered water and other natural flavorings. They are versatile ingredients for teas, cocktails, Italian sodas, lemonades, smoothies, slushes, sauces and baked goods. Why wait for fruits to come into season when you have capture the flavor year round?

Earthly inspired, tastes divine.

Pumps of
8 oz 2
12 oz 3
16 oz 4
20 oz 5
24 oz 6

Each pump of syrup is 1/4 oz

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