Product Information:

Packaging: (6) 2pk 750ml bottles w/pump
Shelf-life: 18 months

Blue Curacao Naturally Flavored Syrup

Laraha citrus fruit is grown on the south Caribbean island of Curacao. Blue Curacao is a popular liqueur that showcases the tangy orange flavor of larahas. Our non-alcoholic syrup is perfect in fizzy Italian sodas and iced teas. Make a drink, put your cellphone away, and imagine yourself on a warm beach with the sound of waves in the background.

All of our Fun & Fruity syrups are made from pure cane sugar, filtered water and other natural flavorings. They are versatile ingredients for teas, cocktails, Italian sodas, lemonades, smoothies, slushes, sauces and baked goods. Why wait for fruits to come into season when you have capture the flavor year round?

Earthly inspired, tastes divine.

Pumps of
8 oz 2
12 oz 3
16 oz 4
20 oz 5
24 oz 6

Each pump of syrup is 1/4 oz

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