Product Information:

Packaging: (6) 2pk 750ml bottles w/pump
Shelf-life: 18 months

Mocha Naturally Flavored Syrup

Step into a gourmet coffeehouse at any time of day and you’ll find multiple customers sipping mocha drinks. The intermingling of cocoa and Arabica coffee bean flavors is a delight for sophisticated palates. In cold months, add a splash to Mexican hot chocolate or coffee drinks. Combine it with freshly brewed coffee that has chilled and pour it over a tall tumbler of ice for a summer afternoon pick-me-up. Rich, mocha flavor can be combined with our strawberry syrup and your vanilla cake batter to give cupcakes a luxurious, grown-up flavor.

All of our Classic syrups are made from pure cane sugar, filtered water and other natural ingredients. Earthly inspired, tastes divine.

Pumps of
8 oz 2
12 oz 3
16 oz 4
20 oz 5
24 oz 6

Each pump of syrup is 1/4 oz

Nutritional Information

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